This is the second book in the month of Feb which took me back to the mystical city of Varanasi. October junction by Divya Prakash Dubey left me spellbound and Meeting Yama by Manoj Jain piqued my curiosity.

Surya, Amrit and Rajat – three diverse lives and one city – Varanasi – each one experiences this city differently. Surya is troubled by a dream of a black statue that seems to be calling him. Amrit wants to immerse his mother’s ashes in the holy river Ganga. Rajat is in Varanasi for work purpose. Together, the trio, explore the city and the stories surrounding it.

Author’s writing rejuvenated the wanderlust in me. I could vividly picture the city and the ghats, the blaze of the eternal fire. The book kept me hooked. The story was dexterously and carefully crafted. The author intelligently and seamlessly weaves one too many mythical stories about the dualities of life through three characters. These three characters felt like author’s attempt to show us the symbolical sangam of three holy rivers and the quest of the characters to find the Saraswati that’s hidden within them.

The author philosophizes on life and death, and it blends well with the narrative and never once feels preachy or forced. Jain creates a maze with three characters and also brings their stories to a solid conclusion. He also spells out the reasons for crafting these characters in th afterword of the book and it all seems to fit perfectly.

To me this book was unputdownable, a pageturner. I was letting the words and story sink in slowly. And I simply didn’t want it to end. There was an uncanny calm that the story brought to me.

Last word – Definitely give it a read if you love mythological fiction and especially if you are a SHIVA bhakt.

Ps: I would like to see this book translated in different Indian languages so that no one misses out on this story!


Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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