After years of toiling I came to a realisation very late in life that passion is what will get you to the front! If you have got to be something then you have got to be passionate. Your life your way by Milind Sahasrabudhe is one book that speaks about finding our passion and monetizing it.The book is a short read. It is divided into 2 parts. Part 1 speaks about the basics such as how to find passion, the mantra or #missionpassion and converting our passion into profession. Further the author continues to make his points clear by presenting a story of Raj. Part 2 is where the story of Sam takes shape and through this story the author puts forth certain constructive concepts that will help monetize our passion.If the world sets a routine and there’s only work-life culture we all are going to turn into robots. The aim of our life should be success but success stems from contentment. And contentment will come to you if you love what you do. Succinctly, author clarifies this point in this book. The author has also presented some of the interviews of celebs like Schwarzenegger, Bezos, Jobs and renowned quotes on passion that we can certainly revisit.Overall, a quick read that will clarify the idea of passion and how to find it.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐.5
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