Had there been equality in true sense of the word then feminist or patriarchs wouldn’t have had a chance to take roots in our system. The bitter half by Simon is a book simply brought out this fact with aplomb.

The story picks up with police knocking on Ghosh resident. It turns out that their daughter-in-law has filed a case against them under IPC 498A along with a bunch of other charges. 498A is a law for protection of women against dowry and abuse but fake cases misusing this section are on the rise. The author tactfully centers to story on this section showcasing the plight of the Ghosh family.

The book does get your attention from the start but it dwindles in the midst because the story goes back and forth in time, and also because the author isn’t lucid about what really went wrong in Sumit – Moulina’s married life. There are too many characters in this book and it was difficult to keep up with the names. Every character had a back story which made these characters come alive for me. The story was based on a realistic premise, and hence, was believable. The writing style is lucid and for a debut this book was quite impressive, in my view.

This is my first with regards to reading a fiction woven around section 498A. We have seen the film Daawat-e-ishq which also tackles the same issue. But the amount of research that the author has put in for this book makes it a good one time read for sure.

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐.5
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