“Love has phases like life. It matures and evolves. It is not rocking and exciting but it is calm and satisfying, the kind of love that brings peace and grace.” – Retrace love by Malini Amaladoss.

Life is strange and it interwines our lives with strangers in a way that rewiring is either difficult or never possible. Retrace love by Malini Amaladoss is a story of 4 such strangers whose lives interwine in such a way that it leaves the readers thinking.

Meghana and Tina are estranged bffs but one call changes all that for them. Meghana has met with an accident and has Tina’s details on her will. Tina, upon reaching Canada, finds her best friend in coma. In her will, Meghana has requested Tina to read a letter she has left for her. Tina travels to India and here she meets her estranged boyfriend. Tina and Meghana have loved and lost but this journey that begins with an accident will help them retrace love.

Either we marry for love or love happens to us post marriage. This book in true sense of the words retraced love. I loved how cross-wired the plot was but it culminated to the reader’s satisfaction. In a way, the relationships received a justified end. The book was dialogue driven and hence I zapped through this one. It was a quick read. But the dialogues were enough to give us a thorough glimpse of the scenes and situations. There were places where I felt this book resonated with me. This book evoked mixed emotions in me and though there was a part of me that didn’t want to see Meghana with Neil or Ray with Kripa yet I felt that it seemed like a right thing to do.

Definition of love is different for different people and most of the times it is confused with lust or infatuation. This book may not give you a definitive answer to what love is but it does live upto its name.

To me, it was a good one time read.

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