March begins on a positive note with the book Making excellence a habit by Dr. V. Mohan.

The book is technically about Dr. Mohan’s elevation into his profession and his passion. It is out and out anecdotal but also infuses a lot of positivity in the readers.

The book begins with Dr. Mohan winning the prestigious Dr. Harold Rifkin award for Distinguished International service in the cause of Diabetes. Dr. Mohan then takes the readers into flashback when it all began for him. We see how his skills were honed and polished by his father. We see how he and his wife went through trying times while in UK. We see multiple ups and downs in Dr. Mohan’s journey and we learn so much from it.

The book may have too many medical jargons and yet it connects with the readers. If you are a student of medicine, who wants some inspiration this book is definitely for you. But if you are someone like me, who has no knowledge of medicine and yet wants a dose of positivity then this book is for you as well. The author has kept the language lucid. And has ensured that the lessons that he has learnt from his life, his experiences, reach the readers.

Dr. V. Mohan is a celebrated doctor with over 1300 articles, research papers and chapters to his name. But moreover, you also see a man who is a philanthropist and quite spiritual too.

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