Indian philosophy has something for everyone. And Vedantas certainly do. As per the dictionary, Vedanta “is a Hindu philosophy based on the doctrine of the Upanishads, especially in its monistic form.” It is difficult for us to revisit these Upanishads in this age and time, hence author Pranay has squeezed the essence of these Upanishads and brought for us his latest book – Vedanta ~ spirituality for leadership & success.The book takes us chapter wise into the lessons of Vedanta. It focuses on how we can utilize this knowledge from ancient Indian scriptures to grow and succeed in our fields of work. Explaining Vedanta, the author writes, “Vedanta is echoing the highest spiritual truth.” This highest spiritual truth or “cosmic reality” is what the author reiterates in the book.The author begins by revisiting the lessons given by Adi Shankaracharya and slowly moves on to explain the concept of leadership & success with the help of different aspects of Vedanta like Swan, Lotus, Cosmic oneness, Advaita. He shows us how to achieve a clear mind, how to find the Guru within, how to achieve the much needed balanced life, courage during crisis etc.The writing of the author is lucid and the book is tightly bound. However, the concepts seemed repetitive. Most often self-help or non-fiction books will repeat a certain concept with an aim to hammer it on our pysche. This book is no different but the concepts are agreeable and much likable too.The author stresses that the book is meant for everyone irrespective of their religion, caste or class because (we) “you are a product of infinity.” Further the author mentions that, “The best part of Hindu philosophy and Vedanta is that it has nothing to do with very particular beliefs or set of beliefs. Rather, it emphasizes the states of being. It talks about how you can move closer to your own ultimate potentiality, and also closer to the larger truth of existence.”So, anybody and everybody who wants to gain wisdom for their spiritual and occupational upliftment can pick up this book. This book is sure for keeps.

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