With every installment in the series, Sarah J Maas brings something new for us. What began with an Irish folklore, wove a world of Fae that sucked us all in. A court of silver flames by Sarah J Maas weaves yet another magical drama which will have a vivid recall value once you are done reading it.

The book begins where the last left off. The three sisters – Feyre, Nesta and Elain aren’t humans anymore. They are fae. They have got their powers from the cauldron. In this book, ACOSF, we see Nesta trying to tap into her power. Her power is silver flames. She is death incarnated. What follows in this 751 paged tome is a series of adventure involving Nesta and how she finds the things from the Trove. This narrative is intermingled with titillating romance between Cassian and Nesta.

From page one this book was a thorough page turner for me. I was glued to it and hooked to Nessian. I wanted more of them. The conflict, the longing, the romance, every bit of it. For someone who has dwelled on fantasy romance all her life, this book was a treat. The adventures added to the mystery and thrill. The climax left me mushy as much.

It’s a crazy world SJM spins and this book lives upto the mystical aura of the series.

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