Timeless love is an audiobook presented by Thomas Nelson and Zondervan publishers. It comprises of poems, stories and letters by celebrated authors like Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barret Browning, John Keats, Edith Wharton, and more. These works are narrated by various artists.I have managed to consume most of the stories and poems presented in this book. But these are the stories which we need to let sink in. I absolutely loved listening to the sonnets and some stories narrated in this book. Love is truly timeless is what we understand from these words. And words too are eternal.In sonnets of Shakespeare I found my passion for books, an affliction with no cure, as I always say. And in story of Wilde, The Nightingale and the rose, I found the pain of unrequited love. This one story will stay with me forever. And I highly recommend you read it. And soon.If you want to revisit the best of classics without wanting to dig into huge hardbacks than you can pick up this book. It has the juiciest and meatiest lot for book lovers.

To buy the book, pls click – https://amzn.to/3sexbC5

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