Bharat is a country that has attracted invaders from all over the world because of its opulence. Yugantar by Raghavan Srinivasan highlights this rich forgotten Bharatavarsha from centuries ago.

The book showcases India from the viewpoints of few main characters. These characters – a doctor, a bandit, a widow, a monk, a rebel – are the flagbearers of their region, caste, occupation, and era. Up in the north people want to overthrow Dhanananda and in the south people want the neighbouring kings to stop warring with each other. One sees the diversity that existed and yet the richness of India back in time.

This book’s narrative can be called as warp and weft of different characters and circumstances to help us understand the ancient India and it’s working. In my view this book could have easily been a non-fiction because it is very well researched. However, weaving the knowledge in a narrative format has only guaranteed the longevity of the information sown in the stories. The book not only speaks about the political situation of the time but also comments on, and questions the social conditions. All the characters – Madhavi, Satya, Madanika, Nandita, Suvala, Sudjata, Susmila – are strong and leave a lasting impact on the readers.

Only thing that didn’t go down well with me were the persistent attempts to show that Southern culture was far richer than that of North India.

Overall, it made for a good read.

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