All that for a B-school?! by Swapnil Paranjape and Prajakta Sinai is an off beat, slice of life drama. I binged this book and underwent a plethora of emotions as I gobbled it in one go.

The book follows the story of Mandar Vartak. He is a typical boy coming from a middleclass Mumbai-based family. He works in a well-known pharma compang but gives up his job as he wants to pursue MBA. He has been in a steady relationship but his girlfriend’s father don’t consider him well-settled. The book follows the ups and downs that Mandar tackles to get admission in India’s well-known B-school.

As mentioned before this book wrapped me up in emotions. Mandar’s trials and tribulations got to me and my heart went out to him. In 30years of my life I have realized that mid-twenties are arduous years for all of us. There is a lot of panic, aggression, and lot many indecisions. When we are facing the situation we don’t give it a thought that all this is momentary and it will recede. Nothing is permanent. And all we can do at the moment is keep trying. Mandar’s story gives us a taste of this valuable life lesson. Mandar is on the verge of a breakdown but he walks through it and begins anew. As I was reading this book, there were were a lot many negative emotions that kept rising time and again reminding me of my hard times. But there was a grip and grit in not only narration and words but the character too that kept me going.

For someone who is going through a rough patch this book will help. It is fictionalized but it gives you a glimpse of what life really means. And what does it really mean? Simply put – keep working hard and keep moving.

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