Sasha Masha by Agnes Borinsky is an own voices book. I heard this book on Libro FM and it is narrated by the author herself.The audiobook is only three hours or so long and makes for a quick read/listen. It follows the story of Alex who is a middle grade student, hit by puberty and coming to terms with his sexuality. One can call it episodic in approach but the book gives us a comprehensive view of Alex’s life in a short time.The book felt like light as a feather to me despite the fact it deals with the theme of gender identity. My heart reaches out to Alex who is fighting the demons within as well as those lurking in the society all by himself. His BFF Mabel has relocated and he is left all alone to grapple with the reality of his self. It is heartbreaking, yes. But the climax was empowering and I absolutely loved it. The book may be a slice of life but it deftly shows us how patriarchy suppresses and burdens Alex / Sasha Masha. The author adroitly puts a forth Alex’s forceful assertion, and subsequently, the confusion about being straight. She shows us how finding oneself feels like – ‘this was home’- she closes the book and *that* strikes a chord.Last word – This is a story of acceptance, of self love and of coming out. Do make sure to pick it up.

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