I have missed reading Alisha Rai’s previous work but when I saw this book up on LibroFM I made sure to grab my copy. The book is narrated by Saira Ayers and Neil Shah.

The story is a millenial romcom. Jia is a fashion and beauty vlogger. She has millions of subscribers on YouTube. Dev Dixit is an Indian daily soap actor. Dev lands a gig in Hollywood and flies out to America. Here he bumps into Jia at a party. Jia claims that he has been chatting with her for the longest time. But Dev has always been recluse and doesn’t know who Jia is. Jia realizes that she is probably been catfished by this actor. Heartbroken she decides to put this incident in the past but fate spins it’s magical spell and Dev is back in her life posing as her fake boyfriend in front of her parents.

“This isn’t a romance. It is a fauxmance,” reads one of the lines in this book. One can call it a perfect Hallmark romcom. The writing and the narrative is tight, bringing the picture alive in front of us. Jia is a relatable character since she is a vlogger and an influencer. Another aspect relatable is getting catfished, pretty common with men sliding into the DMs to act all masochistic.

But this story isn’t one which I can highly recommend to all. This is one for the leisure time. It neither gets to sexed up nor too mushy nor overtly mature. It’s all perfectly balanced with Dev being that adorable, perfect book boyfriend. And yet, I felt there was something amiss with this one. Perhaps because the story takes unagreeable twists and climaxes with a not-so-satisfactory end.

But nonetheless if you want to read something light and cute then this one can be your next pick.

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