Gregory David Roberts is a name synonymous with the book Shantaram. I read Shantaram way back in 2015 and relished every bit of it. So when I saw Netgalley host an ARC of his latest book, The spiritual path, I tried my luck and got approved.

The book, as the name suggests, follows the spiritual path taken by the author. It shows us how arduous the journey to self and spiritual realization was for author. The author articulates his thoughts in the form of short notes which he pens down in his journal after every unique experience. These notes are then shaped into a book – The spiritual path. One can call this book a spiritual memoir of the author.

This was unlike any other spiritual books that I have read. Gregory David Roberts has penned facts about spiritual reality and cosmic oneness that will blow your mind. Such thoughts come from deep introspection. If Shantaram was a glimpse into GDR’s philosophically inclined humane side, this book shows us the outcome of surrendering to the cosmic energies and finding one’s Self. The author gives us a step-by-step glimpse into his spiritual upliftment. The experiences penned by the author gave me goosebumps. It takes sheer preservance, complete surrender and devotion to get to where the author has reached.

I absolutely loved reading this book and would highly recommend you read it if you like to read spiritual books or if you too have been a fan of Shantaram.

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