Circumcision – I was introduced to this word when I was only 16 years of age. I had read a book called Princess by Jean Sassoon and it recorded the stifling life of a Princess from Middle-east. The account shook me and has stayed with me till date. Born a Muslim by Ghazala Wahab is yet another book that shook me because of it’s honest and straightforward approach. This book, published by Aleph book co, bares it all for the readers.In this book, Wahab tries to understand the mindset of Muslims in the current times. In the most understandable language she opens up about her religion for even the non-Muslims to read and understand the gravity of the issues the minorities go through. She not only puts forth their greivances through this book but she shows us how and where her religion falters.Wahab, in what is one of the most intimate introductions to a book, in my view, speaks about her childhood in a Muslim mohalla, her growing up days and what she understood about her culture and religion. She focuses on the insecurities of her community members, what incidences instilled this fear and what led to the rise of Muslim right wings. She touches upon the sensitive topics like demolition of Babri Masjid, the riots that followed, Ishrat Jahan, and the Batla house cases.When talking about Islam and it’s culture, the author delves a little deeper. She revisits the history and tells us all about the Muslim religion, Sufism and Mughals.Wahab also points out the fanaticism that exists in Islam and also shows us the difference of opinions that exists in different sects of Islam like the Bohras, Ahmadiyyas, Barelvis, Deobandis, Shias and Sunnis etc.But the author gets all my attention as she speaks about the Muslim women and the injunctions that have been imposed on them. She further enunciates the changes that are taking place in Muslim society.Overall, this book comes across as a comprehensive study of Islam. To me, this book was full of penultimate revelations vis-à-vis Islam, it’s teachings and life of Muslims in India. This was by far the most honest account and a thorough study of Muslim religion. If you happen to pick it up be assured of reading astonishing facts.

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