I love to take a dip in the retro Mumbai /Bombay from time to time. It gives me an uncanny satisfaction of having touched a part of my city from yesteryears. Death by Colaba Bay by Ambika Subramanian is a colonial Bombay mystery. The book is published by Rupa publications.

The book is a whodunit. It follows the unusual occurence of school girls going missing. One such girl is found dead at Colaba Bay. There’s a modus operandi here that’s similar to the cases that have happened in Central India. Are these cases linked? And who is behind these disappearances? This forms the rest of the story.

In just about 100 pages the author gives us a taste of colonial Bombay. Her writing makes the picture come alive for the readers. One can vividly imagine the way of working of the police back then. It certainly wasn’t easy with no mobiles or GPS, I am sure. But that’s what the author brings ut deftly. She throws in the spice of royalty and the social scenarios like right to education for girls which makes this plot more attractive. Did this book give me a whiff of the glorious colonial Bombay? It sure did and that’s why it will stay with me for long. Ambiance is a winner for me.

When it comes to the mystery, the author gets this one right as well. The author keeps us guessing till the very end as to who is the killer. She very well ties the lose ends. But the thrill and chase didn’t make me jump out of my seat.

However, if you wish to read a good sleuthing drama set in British Raj, in my city of Mumbai, then this one’s for you.

To buy the book, pls click – https://amzn.to/3wmRCij

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