Stories from 1971 to 2021, the best stories from Bangladesh, about Bangladesh are collated in the book The demoness that is compiled and edited by Niaz Zaman.

Zaman, in her introduction to the book, reasons why she chose these stories and gives us a thorough understanding of the writing style of the authors. She has mindfully chosen the stories for this book. The book consists of 27 short stories.

Each story is penned in the most lucid manner. And give us a thorough understanding of the mindset of the characters and a glimpse of the Bangladeshi culture. These stories are gripping and it is difficult to put down this book once you pick it up. Every story has a distinct taste and thrill. These are succulent stories with clipped drama and an uber staggering twist. Some stories slowly sink into us and some stay back in our consciousness. But every story shows an uncanny side of society. Such stories are rare and hence, unmissable. These stories have a vivid recall value.

It is difficult to say which one is my favorite but The demoness, The rains, The woman who ate cooking pots left a lasting impact on me.

I took my own sweet time to devour this book. The book left me satisfied and wanting more.

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