Ashi pakhare yeti by Vijay Tendulkar is one hour or so long play. I heard it on Storytel. It is performed by various renowned artists like Chandrakant Kulkarni, Samidha Guru, Abhijeet Guru, Abha Velankar, Omkar Gokhale and Milind Phatak.

The story is about a particular Arun Sarnaik. He pretends to be an acquaintance and enters a house, a family of four. This is a dysfunctional family. The daughter has been rejected multiple times because she isn’t good looking. Yet another prospective groom is coming to meet her. Arun pretends to be their long lost neighbor and speaks to Saru. He makes her understand her worth and the importance of intrinsic beauty. This pep talk works magic on her. She falls in love with herself. And subsequently with Arun as well. The prospective groom has approved of Saru but will Saru marry him or not, forms the rest of the story.

The story was light as a feather. It grew on me slowly. The dialogues were succinct and pointed. The narration by the actors brought the picture alive for me.

The climax could have been a happy one but we need to understand the era in which this play was written.

I am no one to jugde this classic play. But I happily say that if you get a translation of this one please to give it a read. It is episodic and rooted in the concept of self-love.

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