Prajeet Bhudhale’s last book, Infin-eight: Eight principles for infinite professional success, was an immediate hit with me. It was a workbook to success. And his next, Business presentation skills, will help you enhance your presentation skills.

The book consists of 7 easy steps and 8 chapters enunciating it. It focuses on presentation skills and how to excel them. I was introduced to the whole concept of presentation during degree college years. I attempted every presentation with a lot of trepidation. Understanding the nerve of the audience lacked and so did the confidence. But presentation was to be a commonplace in corporate world and post that as well. After having read this book, I can easily say that had I this released back then and I had read it, I would have seen a sea change in my presentation skills, in my view.

Prajeet Budhale’s writing is quite understandable and he makes the concepts quite doable for the readers. Much like his last book this too acts as guidebook for the readers. He stresses on multiple facets of a presentation, it’s flow, it’s content, the body language of the presenter, the understanding of the audience etc. These are the parameters that will change the face of your presentation, or rather, how to present a particular topic. The practicals given in the book will help you evaluate yourself, your audience and help you craft a presentation that will be a huge hit with your listeners.

Presentation is a skill we all need to learn. It is here to stay and learning the rope is crucial. Also, it would be wrong to assume that this book is meant only for students and people from the corporate world. The content of this book will help you in the long run even if you don’t want to present to an audience or if you are planning to start your YouTube channel or a podcast even.

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