Infinity son is Adam Silvera’s debut YA LGBTQ fantasy. I picked up this book as I will be reading Infinity reaper next. But before I get into the review of this book let me begin by saying that this book is all action from page 1.

The book follows the story of twins Brighton and Emil. They live in an alternate universe, NYC, the inhabitants of which are celestials (humans born with magical powers), spell walkers (the protectors of the magical world like the police), and specters (the villains who steal magic out of celestials and magical creatures like Pheonix). In an accident Emil realizes that he has magical powers, the strongest and the most extraordinary. He knows them that specters will kill him. He turns into a spell walker to save himself and his family. Brighton, on the other hand, doesn’t possess magical power but he wants to help Emil and the spell walkers with their mission to save a pheonix’s egg. Luna is the villain here who will leave no stone unturned to yeild a magic that will make her immortal.

There’s a lot of action spread out in this book with characters galore. It became increasingly difficult for me to keep up with the characters. However, one needs to focus on Emil, Brighton and Luna, atleast in this book. The other characters mentioned add to the conflict and the chase. This book was thoroughly an adrenaline pumping game. And if one is to look at it closely, one can say that the concepts in this book blend the movie Skyhigh, Harry Potter and X-Men. There is an academy for spell walkers, there are shape-shifters, magical creatures like the pheonix, dementers like specters etc. The resemblance is quite evident. Plus certain scenes might remind you of these movies/books.

And despite all the similarities, the book retains its uniqueness. There is power, politics, action, drama, thrill and adventure. The world created isn’t much different from our world. Brighton is shown to have a YouTube channel where he puts up content about spell walkers and their work. Apart from that, there are gangwars aplenty and sibling conflict too.

As mentioned, the book borrows from multiple fantasy stories but has a charm of it’s own. And if you happen to be a fan of any of the above mentioned movies/books you might like this book. Also, Adam Silvera’s fans might find this book offbeat but if you like fantasy, you can give it a read.

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