Krishna is my constant. He is that spirit which keeps me radiating from within. So when I came across the children’s book The birth of the Blue Mystic by Kisori Gopika I made sure to grab a copy.

The book is a short read. You finish it in less than 10 minutes. It is episodic and reiterated the mystical birth of the most loved Gwala – Krishna. The book isn’t merely storytelling. The narrative is poetic and it is peppered with information such as where was Krishna born, who are his parents, who is Sheshanag, who is Kamsa, where does Lord Vishnu reside etc.

The rhymes add a lilt to the narration if you happen to read it out loud to your kid. I recited this one for Rudrani and she loved hearing about the Blue Mystic her mother is crazy about.

Add to this, the illustrations by Hannah Gil keep the young readers glued to the book.

While readers as young as 3 and 4 year olds will be attracted to the book yet some information given in the book might seem a tad heavy for them to grasp. This book is best gifted to the kids of 6 and above, in my view.

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