I have always believed that our paths maybe intertwined but we meet our soulmates only when it is meant to be, when the time is right. A rogue’s love diary by Krish Gangadharan is a book which amplified this belief for me.The book is a bildungsroman or coming of the age story. It follows the life of Chandru. His love life, specifically. Chandru is an intelligent student who wants to pursue CA. While in his first year, he falls in love with his classmate, Devi. Devi too falls for him and then begins a 90s style romance. Owing to a medical emergency, Devi has to leave India to be with her sister in US. However, her stay turns out to be 16 years long. Chandru feels betrayed and amidst the clamor finds himself drawn to drugs. Drugs almost jeopardize his repute. He packs and leaves for Australia with a little financial help from his family. For years he toils in a foreign land, makes a fortune out of nothing only to realize that his heart is still stuck in India. When he comes back to India, he meets an old friend and together they chance upon the reason for Devi’s betrayal.I often go for cover buys. The cover of this book was quite intriguing and it had a name which allured me to pick up the book. The story seemed to start slow but soon it turned out to be quite engaging. The story spans a decade and the transition in the ambiance is deftly done. Alongside you see the transformation in the central character and that keeps you hooked. Another aspect that kept me glued to this book was the language. It is powerful and prolific. When I talk about the language I also mean that the author’s penmanship makes the picture come alive for the readers.The story develops slowly and you need to be patient when you read it. Though there is distasteful humor here and there, overlooking that, the book emotionally captivated me. This is one of those rare love stories, reiterated distinctively, that will stay with me for long.

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