Infinity Reaper is the second book in The Infinity Cycle series. If the first book was all chase and adventure then it was only a teaser. The real game begins to unfurl in this book. The action, adventure, thrill and magic doubles in this book to keep you on your toes.

The book takes off from where the last one left us. We get to know that the reaper’s potion Brighton consumed is killing him everyday. His hope for survival has diminished. Brighton and Emil’s mother is taken captive. Ness, Emil’s love interest is said to be dead. Amidst all this, multiple conspiracies brew, the reason for it? Senator, Ness’s father wants to be the President of United States. He makes people do nasty things because his aim is to make the country free of gleamcraft supremacy. Senator will go to any length to become the hero of the citizens and win the elections.

One thing that I absolutely adored about this book is that it amplifies the cuteness of Pheonixes and brings in more magical elements. You can’t skim read such books because there’s a lot happening with the characters. The plot has twists and surprise elements at every turn. Alongside there’s romance and drama peppered which add depth to this book. The previous book may have felt like Harry Potter, X-Men and the likes but this one was unique and quite intriguing. The story is plotted intricately and it keeps us hooked.

The book ends with a cliff hanger showing us the power struggle between the siblings and that’s what made me sit up and wait for the next one in The Infinity cycle series.

Overall, this book promises unimaginable twists, conflicts, action, thrill and enough drama. Grab a copy if you’d like some great magic realism or action novel.

This book is a sequel to Infinity son. Read the review of Infinity son in my previous post.

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