Dating can be a daunting task says author Stan Tatkin. With the book Wired for dating, author Stan Tatkin makes sure to help millions out there who wish to find their ideal partner.

I heard Wired for dating on Storytel app. Storytel is an audiobook app that offers national and international bestsellers at a pocket friendly price.

Wired for dating is narrated by Jonathan Yen and is over 7 hours long. Yen’s narration is like lilt to the ears.

The book aims to provide secure functioning of the relationship. The methods given in the book will help you find a single monogamous long term partner, stresses the author. The author uses pschobiology to help you find your ideal partner.

Usually the inexperience in dating or the residue from the previous relationships- hurt, betrayal, disappointments – makes it difficult to form new relationship. And so to get over these inhibitions the author lays down a step-by-step approach to dating. The author emphasizes on sharpening your sleuthing skills, understanding body language, how to prepare for the first date, what to expect from one year of the relationship, walking through the rough patches, how to make a couple pact for secure functioning of the relationship, etc. The author gives exercises at regular intervals. Basis your and your partner’s personality type – anchor, island or wave – the author puts together the dos and donts for the relationship. This isn’t like matching zodiac signs, the author cautions the readers/listeners.

The author concludes by saying that make dating a regular activity. Relationships are adventures and dating will add a spice to your otherwise mundane life. Dating is forever.

This was one of a kind book on relationship that I heard. And while one needs to go through this patiently, I urge you to give it a listen, atleast to understand the nuances of dating and relationship. You can listen to this book on Storytel app. Avail access to unlimited books at rs 375/- for 90 days.

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