Somehow the books by Neale Donald Walsch fall in my lap when I need his wisdom the most. The last time it happened I was grieving the loss of my cousin. His book series Conversations with God shifted something within me and I felt rejuvenated. Years later when his book, Little book of life, came my life I was tackling Covid 19. My entire family tested positive. And as I write this, I am battling this vicious disease that has infested mankind.The book is divided in 3 parts and takes up topics that were discussed in Conversations with God. The author reiterates certain points but with analogies emphasizing our everyday life. The book is a collection of questions asked by the audience during the lectures held by the author.This Little book of life by Walsch enhances your understanding of the being, stresses on the beingness, guides on being “the source” of abundance in every aspect and helps us lead a sprite filled life.During the stormy days this book gave me a new leash of life. In real sense of the words, this book is indeed a book of life. It changes your perspective and if you are a spiritual seeker like me you will feel the change blossom within you as you read.

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