Brahmakamal: Love story of a Devdasi by Lalsa Verma is a heartwarming story that leaves us with goosebumps.

As the name suggests the book follows the love story of a Devdasi. The book is set in South India in 1011 AD. Nitya is destined to be a Rudraganika like her mother. Her mother, much matriarchal in every way, will leave no stone unturned till she sees her daughter married to Siva. Prabhas who is a renowned Mridangam player loses to Nitya in a dance competition. It is love at first sight for him. He follows her back to her village where he gets placed as a percussionist for the renowned temple of which Nitya is the Rudraganika. And soon love weaves it’s way into Nitya’s heart too. She falls head over heels for Prabhas. But fate meddles and cultures intervene between the lovers.

This book is a beautiful confluence of prose and poetry. On the outset it is a typical filmy story but reiterated in a heartmelting way, that’s the book Brahmakamal in a nutshell. One can easily see this one being adapted for big screen with its deftly woven plot and staggering twists. The story development seemed slow initially but soon the love story had me in thrall. The climax seemed predictable yet the epilogue is what turned me misty-eyed. Despite the cliché turn of events I would say that such stories need to be “felt”.

My last word would be to read this book at leisure, especially, if you love filmy romance. And let this one sink in you slowly.

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