Rudyard Kipling and his Mowgli were a quintessential part of our childhood. Over the years The Jungle Book has been retold and restructured many times, adapted into cartoon series and movies. With the book Feral dreams, the author, Stephen Alter, gives us a reboot of this classic jungle tale.The book opens with a man, nicknamed “Mowgli” going to meet his ailing mother, Miss Cranston. We are given a glimpse into who this lady could possibly be. We are run through the thoughts of the protagonist in the prologue of the book and it is enough getaway of what will follow later. Part one of this book is what I loved the most. It speaks about Mowgli’s time in the jungle. Mowgli was found by the matriarch of the elephants. She fondly takes care of him and loves him like her own. The langurs too have contributed in Mowgli’s upbringing. We run through the jungle tales and Mowgli’s escapades in this part. Part two and three speak about the feral child being discovered and being handed over to an American missionary.The book is over 100 pages long and I finished reading it in a single sitting. It unleashed nostalgia. Author’s take on this classic story was certainly unique, appeasing and appealing. The book has a lyrical style of storytelling and climaxes too in a poetic way.

“The song has a strange sadness to it, full of plaintive harmonies, as well as a wild, mysterious tempo that seems to echo the drumming of his heart.”

Mowgli and his mothers stay with us long after we have closed the book.Last word- I would highly recommend you take out sometime from your busy schedule and take a dip in this nostalgic ride.

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