And our kid’s favourite bumblebee, Biplob, is back with more stories. Author Abhishek Talwar releases Volume 4 and 5 of The adventures of Biplob the bumblebee. The book is illustrated by Sonal Goyal and published by Ritika Talwar.

In this volume, Biplob tackles a monster called Floppy, teaches kids how to plant a sapplings, makes best from waste and helps farmer Balram decorate the garden for Best Garden Competition with the help of kids.

Much like the previous volumes, this volume too subtly teaches kids the importance of planting, how to plant sapplings, how to reuse waste papers by introducing kids to the word and art of ‘origami’. It was fun to recite the stories to Rudrani. She is already familiar with Biplob and was excited to dive into more fun adventures.

A big shoutout to the illustrator Sonal Goyal. The illustrations are self explanatory and quite attractive.

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