The game of life can be difficult. One needs to understand when to catch, when to throw and when to dodge. The timing is important. The life optimizer by Ankit Ittan is a book that succinctly tells you how you ought to optimize your life.

The book is divided in 7 chapters and these 7 chapters are 7 life optimizing tools. The author has a very pragmatic approach to look at life. He simplistically pens down 7 life changing rules. I call them rules because one ought to strive to live by them. The author in an extremely lucid language, keeping examples cut to cut, explains you what you the do’s and don’ts. Alongside he also gives you excercises that helps you understand your level of self-confidence, your level of EQ etc. He tells you how to practice mindfulness, visualization, the power of your subconscious mind and most of all he enunciates on how you can set your routine to achieve better results.

The author stresses on improving one step at a time but consciously putting things into practice. Having lived by these rules himself and after having achieved great results, he vouches for them. I have read multiple self-help books so far but this one stresses on doable concepts rather than giving you a utopian picture.

Last word – This book is short, crisp and quite powerful. It can be life transforming if you happen to follow every tool just the way author has mentioned.

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