Every time you read a seed is sown for the future, is what I read in my childhood. And since my teens I have found myself reading books. Initially it was just for fun. Gradually I understood my spiritual side and I wanted to pursue more knowledge on that front. That’s how my chase for understanding higher self started.

I believe that “you don’t choose a book but a book chooses you,” and so all these books happened to me. These books fell in my lap when I needed them the most.

So here are the books/works that raised my consciousness.

✓ Eat pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert ~ “Embrace the glorious mess that you are,” is my key takeaway from this book
✓ Conversations with God by Neale Donald Walsch is a three part series. And it is a perfect specimen of psychography / automatic writing. It came to me when my cousine passed away and it helped me heal.
✓ Karma and reincarnation by Paramhansa Yogananda is a part of The autobiography of a Yogi and if the concepts of Karma and reincarnation interest you then you can certainly pick up this book.
✓ Spiritual power by Gian Kumar is a series. The author with his wisdom and experience helps us understand how to tap into our higher selves.
✓ The book of life by Neale Donald Walsch came my way recently when I was battling Covid 19. This book succinctly explains what life is in a Q&A format.
✓ The laws of the spirit world by Khorshed Bhavnagri is one book that talks about the realm beyond life. It is especially helpful if you are grieving loss of someone dear.

✓ Dr. Brian Weiss is an all time favourite author and I can’t recommend him enough. Pick up any of his works and you won’t be disappointed.

✓ Deepak Chopra is another author who adds depth to our lives with his books and you can pick up any of his book to dive into philosophical and spiritual world.

Burnt norton by T S Eliot is one of my favourite poems and the reason being Eliot’s persistent attempt to understand the reality of life reflects in this poem. He uses various examples and metaphors to show his restlessness to understand what life is. What I took from this poem can be summarised in one sentence – “Live in the moment and you shall live beyond it.”

Thought catalog is a website which has number articles on self-love, mindfulness, spirituality etc. Just hop on and dive into some amazing write-ups.

No exit by Sartre is a play that stresses on our persistent need for validation. Validation is what we thrive for and after watching this play I realized how futile the whole process for validation is. The signature line of his play is, “Hell is other people,” and the play is based on existentialism.

Adding value to my being were some strong women characters I came across. Those were truly empowering and have stayed with me.
✓ Anne Frank is an obvioy one. She was a woman of substance and I draw my strength and inspiration from her.
✓ Sarah Ferguson from The Ghost by Danielle Steel. Sarah set out on a journey to the New World, in the medieval times to run away from an abusive marriage.
✓ Vivian Morris from The City of girls by Elizabeth Gilbert. Vivian is a strong character. She embraces her flaws and doesn’t shy away from experimenting in life, with life.

These were some of the works that helped me elevate my conscioy. Embrace what resonates and let go what doesn’t.

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