You run out of words to express your feelings when you are either astounded by the work or you absolutely dislike it. With Ashwatthama’s Redemption- The bow of Rama former is my case. I am bowled over by the proficiency of author Gunjan Porwal. This duology deserves to be a National Bestseller and the author deserves to be a National Bestselling Author. Period.

The book takes off from where the first one left us. The all mighty demon, Dandak has risen. He wants to take over the human realm. Ashwatthama assumes that the bow of Lord Rama is broken by demon Vidyut. But is that so? Can Kodanda, a celestial weapon be broken? Kingdoms are falling one after the other and Ashwatthama has to make haste finding a celestial weapon that will kill Dandak. How will he do it forms the rest of the story.

Book two of Ashwatthama’s Redemption duology, The bow of Rama is the ultimate closure one can give a series. It doesn’t let you breath. There is a lot happening from page one. You keep turning pages wanting to know more. This is one of those books that will keep you up all night because of its plot twists. And the author’s prowess is applaud worthy. He weaves a complicated plot but makes it appear simple. There are stories from Ramayana greeting you in the midst of the book. And the spiritual quotes make you ponder. The presence of a divine entity lurks throughout the book. The author dexterously manages to sew in two Indian Epics with much ease. And I am all praises for this book.

I highly recommend you read this duology if you love mythological fiction.

Ps: I read Mrityunjay by Shivaji Sawant last year and I fell in love with Ashwatthama’s character. I live Ashwatthama more now after reading this series.

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