“A young man of Indian descent trying to make his mark in London’s financial market gets drawn into the horrors of World War I”―Kirkus

“ebbs and flows in its depictions of life’s highs and lows…reveals…moments of intensity as well as more ordinary periods of…life—tinged with the comic and the tragic” ―Independent Book Review

An epic novel set in London during the beginning of World War I explores the world of an Oxford-educated foreigner of Indian descent. With his life in tatters even before the beginning of the Great War pandemonium, Firoze Hazari struggles between the life he wants but cannot have.

A story of expectations filled with failures that results in this historical thriller that follows early 20th century events with an immediacy that turns historical settings into lively scenes ―unrolling with a feeling of directness; coming as it does from the character’s foreign perspective.

With rich attention, given to the complex political situation, love, betrayal, then war and after to rebuild a life fused with haunting elements ―ridden in complicated and undiscoverable secrets.

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