Author Pranay is a mystic philosopher who has previously authored books like Vedant and Gita for success. With this book, author Pranay brings for us the teachings of Krishna.

In just about 5 chapters the author condenses Krishna updesh and serves the same for the readers. Krishna, the purna avatar of Lord Vishnu is where we should rest our worries, he says. The author succinctly stresses time and again throughout the book the importance of understanding cosmic oneness. Because a person who has the understanding of cosmic oneness is liberated soul. He/she is liberated of all the fears, anxieties and nervousness. He/she is ready to face the world and conquer the demons lurking in and out of this body.

We are battling tough times and so each of us has to evoke the inner Arjun and chanelize the Krishna’s essence everyday to fight  this deadly pandemic. “The idea behind this book has been to benefits millions of people who face obstacles in life,” writes author Pranay. Our fears, apprehensions make limit our potential and if one wants to walk towards glory one has to “draw upon Krishna’s wisdom of calmness and courage within consciousness.” This, the author maintain, will not only strengthen us individually but will also benefit our society and our planet.

With the help of Raja Yoga, Gyaana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Karma Yoga, author helps us understand the essence of our being. Throughout the book the author stresses on tapping into our core, drawing the bliss from within because that bliss which stems from the Supreme reality, Krishna, will stabilize in our lives and brings out a radiance like never before.

Further the author equates Arjun with Hamlet viz their state of confusion, the only difference here is, Arjun was guided by Krishna to realize his true self. About success the author points out, “Success doesn’t mean only a favourable result. Success means the quality of being. One successful moment leading to the next successful moment creates the success of life.”

Self-love is a term that’s popular amongst millennials and author Pranay via Krishna’s teachings helps you arrive at this word and realize it one step at the time.





Last word – Considering the lack of confidence and growing anxiety amongst the youth about career, looks, peer pressure, this book is an important read. It helps you evaluate and introspect. A must read!

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