If in doubt, wash your hair by Anya Hindmarch is a manual for life. Published by Bloomsbury India, this books packs life lessons in only about 200 pages.

This manual for life is presented in nine chapters. Each chapter helps us evaluate our self, our surroundings and to deal with difficulties. This books shows us the pathway to shine from within. It doesn’t get preachy but factually tells you what ought to be done. The author infuses her life experiences which helps us comprehend the concepts better.

The book further shows us how to start a business and sustain it. The author goes one step at a time – family, children, business, emotions, failure, creativity, health – she addresses it all. In between the narrative she also slips in a few tricks and tips to deal with creative blocks, stress, fear, marriage, kids etc.

What impacted me the most were strong and affirmative quotes which will stay with me for long. Here are a few that caught my attention –

“I’m definitely a work in progress.”

“Emotion is a female superpower and if women have an edge in business, it is in fact often because they do bring emotion to the workplace. A growing business is built on emotion.”

“Once you work out who you really are, and what is going to make you happy, you can lean into that.”

“Consider which is true, core, best you.”

Last word – In my opinion, if you read this book, comprehend it and absorb even a 40 percent of what the author says you will have half of your difficulties resolved. Give it a try.

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