Some books feel like the warmth of quilt on a stormy night. The search by Sajita Nair was one such book.

The book follows the story of Laya, a free spirited young girl who gets knocked up. Her boyfriend asks her to opt for the cliché option of abortion. But Laya knows what it means to feel abandoned. For years she has grappled with this fear and so she decides to keep the baby. Soon she embarks on a new journey that will take her back to her roots and also help her come to terms with herself and love.

I relished this book in a single sitting. It slowly grew on me. Narrated in the most simplistic manner and with strong women characters, this book gave me a bittersweet taste that life is. Without making the situations overtly dramatic the author cut to the scenes and made this one a page turner for me. I absolutely loved the character of Vaibhav and he is in every sense an excellent book boyfriend, in my view.

When it comes to India, life usually ends on the ghats of Varanasi but Laya finds herself anew in this city. This journey feels heartwarming and this book shows us life without getting dramatic or preachy.

Last word – The search is a quick and light read that will certainly rejuvenate you.

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