Have you had a spooky encounter ever? I am sure you must have been spooked at some point in time in your life. We all have a lot of trepidation, curiosity and fear when it comes to “ghosts.” Riksundar Banerjee in his book The book of Indian Ghosts brings for us A to Z variants of ghosts found in India. (If this doesn’t make you pick up the book then I don’t know what will.)

The book has 84 types of ghosts found in India. And so, reading through this book was immensely thrilling experience. While some ghosts are explained in a story, some are presented to us factually (wikipedia-esque).

Every chapter ends with the triats of the ghosts presented in bullet points. Alongside you see adept illustrations of these monsters, done by Raka Chowdhury. The book is penned in a simple language. And the information given is sure to blow your mind.

Paranormal intrigues us all. You might have tried Ouija board or given it a thought. I would rather you read this book and experience these ghosts that reside in different parts of India.

To buy the book, pls click – https://amzn.to/3fzqJks

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