Poetries have been an integral part of my life and much more than that. Poetess Nafiesa’s debut poetry book The Unsaid is one such collection of poetries that’s come straight out of her soul.

The book consists of 68 poetries spread across 5 themes. The book also has many quotes interspersed to throughout. For a debut this was a good read. The poetries are highly emotional and thoughts expressed are profound. The quotes by Nafiesa were quite affirmative.

A few poetries that are etched in my mind are –
Existence (spiritual)
An angel
I miss you

A few quotes that enunciate the importance of self love and which resonated –

Completeness is not when you unite with someone else but when you reunite with yourself.

True happiness is a state of being content.

The shape of a tree can be recognised properly only when it has no leaves.

Success is achieved,
Knowledge is gained and
Growth is shared

From the words that are dipped in philosophy one can easily deduce that the poetess is spiritual. Wishing the poetess best for her future endeavours.

To buy the book, pls click – https://amzn.to/3xXSGZz

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