Esther Freud’s I couldn’t love you more is a story of three generations of women. The book is published by Bloomsbury India.

The book alternates between the characters Kate, Aoife and Rosaleen. There are letters, love letters presented by these characters. Kate is on a quest to find every detail about her past. Rosaleen is a teenager when she is impregnated by a foreigner, Felix. And Aoife, Rosaleen’s mother, recalls the truths about her marriage, as she sits by her dying husband.

Every story though distinct and happens in different eras we see the thread of endurance, cruelty and heartbreak connecting the three characters. Every character suffers, yet is strong and resilient. The story of Rosaleen was heart touching. However, the other stories failed to grab my attention. The book has a lyrical touch to it. It is tender and shows us the complexities of life.

However, for me, despite being a fan of women’s fiction, this book it didn’t live up to my expectations.

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