A woman disrobed in an assembly of men when she was menstruating. We have all heard about it, read about it and seen it on telly too. But a woman, and only a woman has felt the shame of ‘that’ disrobing down to her bones, it still sends shivers down our spine and our heart goes out to Draupadi. And then there are so many Draupadis out there who are publically groped, shamed, abused, raped, everyday! For me, if Saniya Inamdar’s penmanship was a trailer in her last book Cornucopoem, I have seen a magnum opus opulently recreated in her latest, Panchaali – The Princess of peace.

So much has been penned about Mahabharata. So many retellings! And yet there’s a lot more to the characters than meets the eyes. How will you plunge into the crevices unseen? How will you bring out the unseen for the readers? Now, that’s where your proficiency, acumen and intelligence comes in.

Saniya Inamdar has hands down won my heart with her retelling of Mahabharata – Panchaali. The treatment of the subject is unconventional. Draupadi, ‘this’ Draupadi that’s presented to us in Panchaali, speaks to the readers. She is a resilient woman who won’t take NO for an answer. She will stand up for her rights and do what’s meant to be done.

The narrative is lit with soliloquys of Draupadi and conversations between Krishna and Krishnaa. We see a beautiful bond bloom between these two characters, the fragrance of which lingers till the very end of the book, and even after that.

We see a fresh perspective emerge with this book. And when you await the “same old” drama to unfold, you meet Mahabharata in a very different light. The language is poetic. And the tempo of the language is maintained throughout. The grandiose of the vocabulary isn’t lost on the readers but it only makes the narrative more sumptuous, in my view.

Last word –  Now, this version of Mahabharata is enlightening and quite empowering. And every woman who happens to read this book will be filled with glee as well as left teary-eyed.

This is how it should be!

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