It is no less than a great opportunity if a thriller genre person gets to read a good suspense thriller. Behrupiya by Varsha Shrivastav is one such gripping thriller that I came across. From the cinematic cover of the book one can deduce that the story might be about werewolves. But author Varsha has presented a never-read-before and never-seen-before thrilling story for the readers.

With a great mix of fantasy and thriller the story begins with a series of murders. Who is behind these murders? While the death loams large on the city dwellers we also read about the rebirth of a werewolf and his twin. What follows are uncanny twists and turns that keep us glued to the edge of our seats.

If the narrative device of flashbacks and flash-forwards isn’t taken care off then it is likely to confuse the readers. But the author delicately treads this path making sure the story is woven seamlessly keeping the entertainment quotient as is, throughout.

One needs to applaud the author for the deftness with which she has penned this unique novel. Because many a times the suspense is either revealed mid-story or is predictable. But Shrivastav retains the suspense till the last line of the book. Very few authors have the ability to blur the thin line between reality and imagination. Shrivastav does it with aplomb.

When a reader feels like a book shouldn’t end it only goes on to show how engrossing it is. In a way, it is rewarding for the writers as well. And I never wanted this book to end.

Last word – I look forward to a webseries based on this book.

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