In the course of life each of us goes through unique experiences. These experiences culminate into stories but to reiterate these stories, to recite or write them in an entertaining manner,  isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. A glimpse of the book Kisso ki rail will make you believe that it is about the a solo trip but this book is a tapestry of many amazing stories bound into one book. In this book author Abhidha Sharma presents different stories exchanged between her and her friends during a train travel.

Train travel is the best way to spend quality time with your friends and that’s where such experiences can be truly shared and cherished. The stories penned in this book weave in and out of different genres – love, friendship, politics, naxalites etc.

Every story evokes a certain curiosity which makes this book a page turner. These stories are thought provoking and leave a beautiful aftertaste. When one looks keenly one can see hope and strength these incidences have given the characters. The energy is easily passed on to the author who has penned down these stories, and also the readers.

Kisso ki rail is more like the train of life showing the aspects of life in a different light. Penned in simplistic Hindi, one can pick up this book if you want to get started with reading Hindi books. If you are facing a terrible reading slump then I am sure this book will pull you out of it effortlessly much like it helped the author get out of the writer’s block.

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