“There is no evil spirit in me! We need medical treatment not black magic!” pleads a protagonist and that’s what gets you hooked to this book. The resurrected by Saugata Mitra is a compilation of 11 survival stories.

Disasters man-made or natural leave a lasting impact on our psyche. Those who have gone through the trauma either succumb to it or fight it. This book is all about gathering yourself, accelerating your will-power and kick- starting a new chapter in this book of life. Saugata Mitra in the introduction of this book mentions this book is about “ordinary people whose lives and dreams were shattered by extraordinary adversity.” And these stories pierce your soul. The grit of the characters reaches you and lends you the hope to fight the adversities in your life.

I completed this book in a single sitting. It was an unputdownable read for me. At the crux of these stories lies the idea of “spiritual rebirth”. The book is penned in the most simplistic language with a crisp narrative. The chapters are much like a biography of the characters in a nutshell. The themes of bereavement, addiction, domestic violence, abuse, death, trauma are spread across all the chapters. But we see how strong self-belief and faith in the Almighty helps every character fight their trials.

One can only imagine the trauma that these survivors have been through. Someone losing their father in a 26/11 attacks, someone losing their hearth and home to the killer waves of Tsunami, someone losing their limbs, someone losing one self to addiction or identity crisis. The book brought together all sorts of unthinkable and compiled it into the most humanitarian book I have ever read.

“Sometime later in the morning of the 27th, she got a call from Major Sandip Unnikrishnan of the National Security Guards (NSG). He reassured her that the NSG had taken control of most of the hotel premises and he would soon be on the second floor to rescue her.”

Grappling with the horrors yet choosing life, now if that doesn’t get you to pick up this book then I don’t know what will. This book will give you hope in the times of despair. Go for it!

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