He calls her his “sunshine” and I am sold! Yes, it’s mushy and I like mush! I was sucked into his romantic comedy, Act your age, Eve Brown by Talia Hibbert, from page one.

The book is a part of a trilogy but can be read as a stand alone. I listened to the audiobook on LibroFM. The audiobook is narrated by Ione Butler. The book is over 10 hours long.

Eve is a relatable character with Jacob donning the garb of a perfect book boyfriend. Jacob runs a B&B and is surprised to find Eve drop in for an interview for the position of a chef. Eve is the black sheep of her family and had stormed out of the house after yet another bout of shaming from her parents. She is hoping that she will bag this job and prove herself this time around. And not only does she bag the job but much more than that. *Ahem. Ahem.*

This one was an enemies to lovers trope, spiced up liberally, and with humor sprinkled generously all around. The author has whipped up a romantic drama that will leave you satiated, if you are a romance genre lover like me.

The writing often caught me off guard and left me in stitches. It was difficult to overcome the charm of Jacob and the cuteness of Eve. And what had me glued to the book was the fact that the pace fluctuated at just the right places. When it steamed up it had me squirming. When it was nearing the climax I found myself wanting to devour the last bit as soon as I could. I could feel the heat, the rage, the love as I delved deeper into this story. 

Last word – With bountiful bantering and bickering, this book was the most rejuvenating read I had been waiting for.

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