When I was in college there was a deluge of IIT and IIM novels. To me, this was the time when the youth was catching up with the old and new in the Indian literary scenarios. Whispering bricks by Siddhartha Bhasker took me back in time. The book is published by Fingerprint Publications.

The book consists of 15 short stories penned by the entering batch of 2012-2015 of IIM Ahmedabad. Written in the most simplistic manner, these stories are short and crisp. Each story shows us a different side of IIMA. The life of the students is spelled out impeccably.

These stories made me nostalgic. It hit me like the fresh cup of adrakwali chai in the stormy rains of Mumbai, the smell of sutta from a nearby tapri, the rush at the Xerox center for photocopying the notes, the frequent visits to the teacher’s room, the anxiety of meeting the Dean. All of that and more came rushing to me as I read through.

Some stories resonated, some stories awed me and some left a void. However, the stories that will stay with me are – The last flight to Chennai, Four walls don’t make a classroom, Reunion, Angel of Love and The deadly time of 1:45 pm.

Whispering bricks is an anthology that offers a fresh perspective into IIM lifestyle. If you haven’t read any of the IIT or IIM literature yet or if you wish to read a short stories book or if you want to start reading, and don’t know where to start from, you can pick up this book.

To buy this book, pls click – https://amzn.to/3l4egY7

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