Have you ever thought of investing in stock market? Do you know the basics like how to start a demat account? Which stocks can become a long term investment? Which stocks you should avoid? I am planning to get started and I found just the right book that covers various aspects pertaining to stock market.

Art of Stock Investing by Manikandan Ramalingam
Presented by bse2nse.com

The most important topics that this books sheds light on are –

1. Why does the price of shares rise or fall?
2. Art of picking worthy stocks
3. Power of compounding
4. Understanding bullish and bearish market
5. Mutual funds and IPO listings
6. Evergreen stocks you can invest in
7. Mistakes to avoid when investing
8. Evaluating worth of a company before investing.

In about 50 pages the book gives a comprehensive view of the stock market.

And the best part is – the PDF of this book is absolutely FREE.

If you want to read it, and in my view you should, then please check the direct link in my BIO

My last word – You won’t find a better crash course on stock marketing investing than this!

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