Imagine a post-apocalyptic world that’s ruled by wolves. Either you are born one or you turn into one if bitten by a wolf. Human civilization has been thriving by scavenging for food. And amidst this atmospheric setting takes place this story, this story of Rain – A year of Rain by Jay Ishino.

The book follows a year in the life of the protagonist Rain. She has had a traumatic past. Love never comes easily to her. But crippled and in search for love she steps out in wilderness despite knowing that werewolves are lurking at every corner. Walking through the woods she meets with an accident. Fortunately, a particular Henry nurses her back to health. Rain grows fond of him, and soon she falls hook line and sinker for him. However, there’s more than meets the eyes.

At the outset the story may appear to be a fantasy romance but delving a tad deeper I found Rain falling for a toxic man who loved her but couldn’t control his animal instincts. Rain was a pretty relatable character and Henry was the perfect book boyfriend. I finished reading it in a single sitting so it is needless to say that it was unputdownable read with a tight narrative. The end though tragic but was satisfying. This book gave me Twilight vibes and still had a charm of it’s own.

Last word – Will this story stay with me for long? Most certainly it will. It is a fresh take on the werewolf fantasy and executed well by the author.

Ps- I happened to meet Jay Ishino on #Clubhouse and I am glad that we connected. Many congratulations to her. And I look forward to read more of her works.

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