We all are trying to understand India-China relations for the past one year. The dynamics have definitely changed. But is it because China has emerged as a new power bloc? The answer is affirmative. And the book A New cold war by Sanjaya Baru and Rahul Sharma helps us understand this power shift a bit better.

“The political legitimacy acquired by communist China in 1971 with its membership of the United Nations Security Council and the recognition afforded by the US, created an international political environment conducive to China’s rise as an economic superpower.” (Chapter – Kissinger and the selling of America by Sanjaya Baru)

The book comprises of 19 essays divided into two parts, penned my eminent experts from around the world. These essays analyse “the geopolitical legacy of Kissinger’s historic visit”, the rise of China and the US policies. Every author analysis the rise of China vis-a-vis Kissinger’s policy but we also delve into the impact this rise will have on the other Asian countries especially Japan and India. Will America be able to retain it’s powers or will there be a tectonic shift in the powers? China’s rise is certainly not a good news for the world peace but then can you hear the bugle sound that could be an impending new cold war?

“Even if the US restores some of its lost global leadership and influence, Biden won’t be able to stall or dent China’s accelerated rise as an emergent superpower.” (Chapter – China’s rise and Asia’s new security dilemma by Chung Min Lee)

This book has a lot to say about US and China relations. The Sino-soviet relations, the subsequent fallout. The growing tensions in the Subcontinent. The past policies of US. All in all there is a lot to absorb. To complete it in one go is a feat. I gobbled up this tome bit by bit. But this is definitely a book that will give you an understanding of the past, present and the future of China. Understanding this is important because of India’s strained relationship with China.

“Whether a new cold war, limited or unbridled, is good for India, is the question.” (Chapter- Kissinger’s secret trip, China’s rise, and a new bipolarity by Kanti Bajpai)

Overall, this book makes strong, undeniable statements that will get you thinking. One requires a lot of patience to relish these reflections. And if you are an amateur (like me) to this topic but wish to get started, you can pick up this book because Kissinger’s policies and China’s reaction and rise is unveiled one step at a time with every chapter.

Publisher – HarperCollins India

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