If you happen to look up Seema Anand on YouTube you will find her TedTalk and after you watch it there’s no swaying from the topic of discussion! With her intellect and words the woman stimulates our senses to no end. Ever since I heard her I have been enthralled by the wealth of knowledge she has. And hence, it was imperative that I read The arts of seduction penned by her.

The book is only about 200 pages long with 21 chapters. But within the confines of this book you shall find a treasure of literature. Kamasutra has been spelled out step by step in this tiny guide to seduction. Penned in the most simplistic language and peppered with humor, erotic stories and mythical lore, this book will keep you glued till the very end. At the end of every chapter, the author gives tips that are helpful as much as arousing. From time to time she takes a jibe at the “tinder” generation which made me laugh out loud.

Usually I take about 2 to 4 days to finish a book this small but this book took me over a month. Why? Simply because it is titillating. It is toe curling and how! I had to put it away for a while because the information was erogenous. Every chapter sent a tingle down my spine. No kidding!

So what does this book hold in its womb?

Does it give information about aprodisiacs? Sure it does. Does it tell you the best sexual positions? Ofcourse! And there’s ample of all that.
Also, who knew that Paan could be used to seduce? Or the fact that powder of a particular gemstone can enhance your sexual prowess! Or sex can be therapeutic. It can heal! Add to that this book also succinctly details the 64 skills or kalas as given in Kamasutra.

Before this book I had zilch knowledge about these things. And so, in my opinion, it is the best guide to sex education.

Last word – This book can be read by either genders but men will be at an advantage if they read this book. To experience and enhance the marital bliss, this book is a must read.

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