In the preface to the book, A glimpse of the universe, the author, Mahatma Ramratna Thapaliyal, mentions, “The soul is omnipotent. There is nothing beyond the competency of the soul.” And this is just a glimpse into what will follow in this book.

Vishwasdarshan or the glimpse of the universe that the author gives us via his book is spread across 23 chapters. The philosophy is deep. It goes deeper than the basic understanding of Purush and Prakriti coming together. The book spells out the idea of Supreme in its entirety. And the author supports these concepts with ample of examples from everyday life. Simply put and succinctly explained, in the words of the author, “Each topic related to the gross body has been discussed in Vishwadarshan, and it has been explained adequately as to what portions of particular substances protect and nourish the body, and those that drain and destroy it.”

Penned in an extremely lucid language, the book is essential to grasp for the overall well-being of mankind vis-a-vis purpose of action, procreation, relationships, gross body composition, religion etc. This book is astronomical as much as spiritual. It spells out the science behind the body makeup with Supreme elements in focus.

To sum up, this was unlike any spiritual books I have read before. It is extremely deep and it can easily confuse you if your attention sways.

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