Till death we do part, too by Bruno Beaches is the continuation of his book Till death we do part. When the first installment ended on a happy note I felt that that was a closure to Pablo’s story. But then there’s more. There’s a lot more, infact. And that played with my mind and how!

After his heartbreaking separation from Delilah he is striving hard to move on. He met Hellion at a dance and they hit it off. Their chemistry intensified to an extent that few years down the line they got married. However, this too was not meant to be. Pablo is completely shattered after his separation and he leaves no stone unturned to win back his second wife. But in the process he starts acting delusional.

“You’re totally deluded,” now that’s what Pablo’s friend comments and it rings true. Pablo doggedly runs after his second wife – texting her, sending her flowers, stalking her social media and that madness irks you as much as it breaks you. It’s disheartening to see Pablo in such a miserable state. Not sure if this was intentional but if it was then this character has been crafted well. Pablo comes across as someone who is a firm believer in the institution of marriage whereas his ex-wives are not. If Delilah was cold, Hellion’s character was always so edgy and a snob. She has a personality but she isn’t easy going.

Throughout this book events happen in a quick succession. In the initial chapters we see Pablo striving hard to move on. He is wrecked after Delilah left. However, this relationship does heal slowly as we move on. When it comes to Pablo and Hellion’s relationship things take a swift turn.  We see marital anxiety writ large. The ghost of Pablo’s past comes haunting every now and then. But soon the plot feels like DejaVu. We have read all this before. Dullness sets in with this familiarity. Alongside the story feels dragged. But author’s deftness with sketching characters and seaming words makes it a good read.

Last word – Marriage is a two way street and the author conveys the message well in this book. This book brings out varied emotions in the readers. And one can certainly binge read it. My advice would be to read the part one before you dive into this book.

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