Parinda Joshi’s debut, Made in China, was a laugh riot. And so, I was eagerly waiting to get my hands on her latest release, A house full of men. The book is released by HarperCollins India.

As the name suggests, the story follows the life of Kittu in a household full of men. After her mother’s demise, Kittu shouldered the responsibility of being the motherly figure in her house. She hasn’t travelled out of her city for the past ten years. Her life revolves around her twin sibblings, her grandfather, her father and the pup. These men in her life have wreaked a havoc each with their own quirks and whims. Her boyfriend, Vicky, is as useless as it can get, treating her as a sidechick. While nursing a break-up and a whole lot of realizations, Kittu bumps into Kartik, a charming nephew of her new neighbour, Anandita.

The story trapezes through the lives of Pants skillfully, sketching every character with poise and bringing the Pant household alive for the readers. The book is replete with GenZ slang but is penned in quite lucid language. The author sows the pearls of wisdom every now and then in her own unique style. The character of Wodehouse adds to the drama ever so often. But what caught my fancy was how deftly the author turned an inanimate living room of the house, Diwan-e-aam into a character in itself. This room gets to witness a lot that goes on in house behind their Buland Darwaza. The author adds the right amount of drama, humor, a bit of romance, a lot of confusion and conflict to make this book a page turner.

Last word – Easy to visualise and high on recall value, this book is a paisa vasool bollywood entertainer. Not the usual run-of-the-mill story for sure. And I wish to see it being adapted into a feature film soon (much like the author’s previous book).

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